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Monthly real estate update for the Fireside at Norterra area in North Phoenix, AZ. A monthly courtesy service provided by The Crouch Group at HomeSmart.


SubdivisonAddressBedBthSqFtSPStatus/Sold DateSquare Foot Price
Agave FlatsNo Recent Activity
Boulder PeakSingle Level
1932 W BIG OAK ST321,783314,999Active$176.67
1942 W MINE TRL422,055349,900Active$170.27
1943 W MINE TRL422,052353,000Active$172.03
1944 W Black Hill RD422,050357,900Active$174.59
27621 N 19TH DR421,783310,0008/31/17$173.86
1944 W BIG OAK ST421,783308,0008/2/17$172.74
27613 N 19TH DR422,055360,0004/14/17$175.18
1928 W BIG OAK ST321,915375,0004/13/17$195.82
27507 N 19TH DR422,052355,0004/10/17$173.00
Two Level1960 W BLACK HILL RD42.52,344399,000Active$170.22
27413 N 19TH DR542,909399,900Pending$137.47
1921 W BLACK HILL RD542,909395,0008/8/17$135.79
Cactus Crest1817 W Spur DR321,759346,1467/25/17$196.79
1821 W Spur DR321,759372,9906/27/17$212.05
1814 W Bonanza DR321,623339,0004/28/17$208.87
Copper BasinSingle level27125 N 15TH LN322,344499,900Active$213.27
27112 N 15TH LN322,374480,0004/28/17$202.19
Two Level1603 W BENT TREE DR53.54,394545,0005/11/17$124.03
Crossings2058 W ROY ROGERS RD32.51,941275,000Active$141.68
28740 N 20TH LN32.52,273285,000Active$125.38
2062 W ROY ROGERS RD32.52,273298,000Active$131.10
28739 N 20TH LN32.52,410319,900Active$132.74
28614 N 21ST AVE32.51,941276,000Pending$142.19
28736 N 20th LN32.51,941261,0008/9/17$134.47
28713 N 21ST AVE32.52,273294,0006/22/17$129.34
28631 N 21ST AVE32.52,400305,0003/22/17$127.08
28721 N 21ST AVE32.51,941259,0003/20/17$133.44
2065 W MARK LN32.52,405299,9003/3/17$124.70
Desert TrailsSingle level27233 N 16TH LN321,505305,000Pending$202.66
27323 N 16TH LN321,505307,0009/8/17$203.99
1649 W STRAIGHT ARROW LN321,505304,0008/4/17$201.99
27319 N 16th LN321,496299,9007/20/17$200.47
27307 N 16TH LN321,496295,0007/19/17$197.19
1714 W STRAIGHT ARROW LN321,505296,0006/27/17$196.68
1805 W DESPERADO WAY221,544299,0006/27/17$193.65
1734 W STRAIGHT ARROW LN321,496292,5005/29/17$195.52
1653 W DESPERADO WAY321,496275,0005/5/17$183.82
Two Level1714 W DESPERADO WAY42.51,819309,000Active$169.87
1816 W DESPERADO WAY32.52,180359,000Active$164.68
1758 W DESPERADO WAY42.52,414364,900Active$151.16
1750 W DESPERADO WAY32.52,050375,000Active$182.93
1709 W BUCKHORN TRL32.51,486260,0009/13/17$174.97
1837 W BUCKHORN TRL32.52,180350,0009/8/17$160.55
1715 W STRAIGHT ARROW LN42.51,630269,0008/3/17$165.03
1756 W FETLOCK TRL32.52,180383,0003/17/17$175.69
1709 W Buckhorn TRL32.51,486272,5003/1/17$183.38
Ember CrestTwo Level28604 N 23RD LN532,872450,000Pending$156.69
The EnclaveSingle Level28009 N 17TH DR432,884509,990Active$176.83
28016 N 16TH GLN432,884490,0009/22/17$169.90
1711 W BLUE SKY DR432,884520,0006/30/17$180.31
1715 W Eagle Talon TRL432,884460,0005/12/17$159.50
28120 N 17TH DR432,550470,0004/19/17$184.31
Two Level1709 W OBERLIN WAY53.54,058470,0009/29/17$115.82
28117 N 17TH LN64.54,247483,0009/15/17$113.73
28111 N 17TH DR43.54,058549,0006/22/17$135.29
Fireside1945 W DESERT VISTA TRL 70332,273324,900Active$142.94
1955 W DESERT VISTA TRL 8632.51,310239,5008/7/17$182.82
1945 W DESERT VISTA TRL 80221,278219,9007/27/17$172.07
1955 W DESERT VISTA TRL 8442.51,772293,5003/29/17$165.63
1945 W DESERT VISTA TRL 76221,329231,4003/14/17$174.12
The Foothills1690 W BLAYLOCK DR31.751,915369,900CCBS$193.16
26924 N 17TH AVE322,032376,0006/30/17$185.04
1656 W CAVEDALE DR322,020379,9006/23/17$188.07
1535 W TOMBSTONE TRL322,147400,0005/26/17$186.31
26709 N 15TH DR43.52,976497,0005/24/17$167.00
1620 W TOMBSTONE TRL33.53,015489,0003/23/17$162.19
Two Level1612 W Tombstone TRL32.52,509399,000Active$159.03
1528 W RED BIRD RD64.54,416530,000Active$120.02
26615 N 15TH DR54.53,278450,00010/3/17$137.28
1621 W Red Bird RD43.52,721446,0007/19/17$163.91
27108 N 17TH AVE42.52,504415,0006/22/17$165.73
1679 W CAVEDALE DR43.52,697418,0006/1/17$154.99
1608 W TOMBSTONE TRL542,909450,0004/5/17$154.69
1630 W BLAYLOCK DR53.54,368530,0003/21/17$121.34
HighlandsSingle Level29204 N 20TH LN42.52,550415,0008/1/17$162.75
2018 W TALLGRASS TRL42.52,550410,0003/31/17$160.78
2030 W TALLGRASS TRL42.52,550420,0003/31/17$164.71
Two Level29310 N 19TH LN42.52,783450,000CCBS$161.70
2005 W STEED RDG543,636396,0003/10/17$108.91
29215 N 20TH AVE42.52,783410,0003/3/17$147.32
Norterra Ridge1545 W GAMBIT TRL44.54,285650,000Active$151.69
1529 W OBERLIN WAY44.53,862669,990Pending$173.48
28110 N 15TH DR433,000595,00010/2/17$198.33
27721 N 15TH DR433,385632,0006/30/17$186.71
1526 W BLUE SKY DR43.53,349617,5006/6/17$184.38
28009 N 15TH LN43.53,891585,0005/30/17$150.35
27809 N 15TH DR43.53,908689,9004/3/17$176.54
Ocotillo FlatsSingle Level1819 W TOMBSTONE TRL432,401406,0004/26/17$169.10
Pinnacle HeightsSingle Level27613 N 18TH DR421,783325,000Active$182.28
1720 W GAMBIT TRL43.54,123667,0006/28/17$161.78
1627 W GAMBIT TRL321,783335,0006/9/17$187.89
27516 N 17TH LN421,783308,0005/25/17$172.74
1714 W GAMBIT TRL53.53,908675,0004/14/17$172.72
Two Level27711 N 18th DR532,443364,5003/16/17$149.20
27618 N 18TH DR532,443367,0003/9/17$150.23
Reserve814 W MOLLY LN42.53,328510,0008/25/17$153.25
26918 N 7TH LN43.53,532530,0002/23/17$150.06
Ridge ViewSingle Level26713 N 11TH DR42.52,672505,0009/27/17$189.00
1022 W SPUR DR422,142389,0009/8/17$181.61
Two Level26731 N 14TH LN43.52,745418,2505/19/17$152.37
Saguaro HillsNo Recent Activity
Sierra VistaSingle Level28319 N 21ST AVE321,754375,000Active$213.80
Sunset Trails29346 N 22ND AVE32.51,454224,900Active$154.68
29425 N 22ND AVE32.51,655249,000Active$150.45
2141 W BARWICK DR32.51,655259,000Active$156.50
29433 N 22nd AVE32.51,655260,000Active$157.10
2132 W BARWICK DR42.51,772264,0008/17/17$148.98
29330 N 22ND AVE22.51,520245,0005/19/17$161.18
29335 N 21ST DR22.51,520241,5003/17/17$158.88
Terrace View2124 W HUNTER CT 238221,278221,500Active$173.32
29128 N 22ND AVE 102221,263212,000Pending$167.85
2124 W HUNTER CT 237321,554254,900Pending$164.03
2140 W TALLGRASS TRL 209321,554242,0006/28/17$155.73
2131 W TALLGRASS TRL 120221,263203,0004/12/17$160.73
2130 W HUNTER CT 241221,278215,0002/28/17$168.23